This Leathermaster® interview:

Question : we have already known each other for a long time from the ads. We have spoken on the phone often, in which we have established a personal relationship. Occasionally, we receive angry letters from readers because we publish ads for callboys. There are trashy male prostitutes thrown into the same mix with callboys, commercial sex totally condemned, and the people who try to be rabble rousers. In that community, there are definitely scumbags and thieves. Our definition is here fundamentally different. would you say that callboys have received a bad reputation, or better yet, is it even true?

Leathermaster : Now your question is almost longer than my answer. I mean that today there is little prejudice against callboys. Except when these negative connotations come from those individuals who always had a disturbed view towards sexuality and you could also say a disturbed view of tolerance. Frustrated people who may have had bad experiences with male hookers or callboys, then there are those in this group who are bad people who want a lot of money, but offer nothing. Why shouldn't a callboy have the same status in the gay scene as a female prostitute in the heterosexual world? I don't see any reason why a callboy should be questioned today. It's difficult with male hookers. I previously made the exact distinction. With male hookers, is the rule NORMAL guys, who aren't quite adults who want to take advantage of gays - no, better yet - rip them off? We can misunderstand the others. Therefore, there are often criminal consequences for such actions and conduct. With that, the callboys are often identified and labeled and thrown into the same mix. It is so simple, but one can't defend them. Therefore, I am grateful that you invited me to this interview. I hope that I can set the record straight with all the people out there. I mean that the callboy has his purpose. He tries to compensate, when for example in a homosexual relationship, the partners want to live out their fantasies or also married men who live in the country or those who like to watch others and those with latent homosexual tendencies can live out their fantasies. They're better off with a callboy as opposed to a male hooker who might fuck him in a train station bathroom or let the guy fuck the hooker. Clients always tell me that.

Question : you have created a lot of bizarre types of sex play. How did you think of them, or were they your customers' ideas? Do they come predominantly from the S&M community? Would you say that they would like to experiment in ways that they wouldn't try at home, or do you direct them to the right S&M scene?

Leathermaster : Yes, that's true. I created all kinds of sex that I myself have wished for. But as part of the service, I offer my guests what they expect. Therefore, if you were to come to me and be treated well and correctly, you would come back again and again. Many want to try things out that they wouldn't even tell to their best friend. Or they don't have the possibility for it in their environment. My customers do not predominantly come from the S&M and Leather scene. Many customers have never even tried this scene before. They wouldn't trust themselves in a Leather club, let alone gladly confess such practices once.

Question : But tell me, is it not extremely difficult to try to be new and creative with every customer? Yet each reacts certainly very differently. And that leads to the next question - which practices do you offer? You are dominant, but can you also be submissive, when required? Do all the customers come to you or do you also make house calls?

Leathermaster : That is not difficult at all for me. I adjust myself to my guests, and I am more the dominant type - I only offer domination practices, so there are no difficulties. No matter how bizarre, I offer everything with me in the dominant position. All my customers come to me and I don't let them take advantage of me. In my home, in a relaxed atmosphere, I can better accommodate the wishes and feelings of my customers. It is difficult to travel outside of my area for other requestors.

Question : Now it is known in the S&M community that people have sumptuous fantasies, but the experience is totally different and it couldn't go that far. Do you have a sense for it? What do you do if someone snaps at you? Are you ever afraid of what might happen with fisting and S&M? I think only once there was an accident.

Leathermaster : Many of my customers who come for the first time have greatly exaggerated fantasies. But then reality doesn't live up to fantasy. Over time, I've developed a feeling for how much a person can bear. And if it turns out that the torture is too hard for them, the slave always has the option to break it off. While it's always an option with me, it's not always possible with a true sadist.

Question : Aren't you afraid of AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases? You could catch any of them. How do you deal with this situation?

Leathermaster : AAIDS and STDs! There is always that risk. But I am constantly examined by a doctor, physically examined and blood tested, and regularly, so that my clients and I are clear on my health situation. My clients can bathe, shower, and take advantage of any hygiene concerns. It's totally different with male hookers. And all paraphernalia are thoroughly washed and disinfected after being used.

Question : do you have any regular customers or do most of your customers come to you only once and never again?

Leathermaster : Over 90% of my clients are regular and the ones who were with me mostly return. Most customers even come regularly, some from when I first started doing this. I'm a little bit proud of it.

Question : would you talk about what you charge?

Leathermaster : Well, that's a different story. I must say that I don't come very cheap. I also won't accept just anyone. I have always selected my customers. I charge in accordance with my reputation. Quality and performance are what my regular clients want and expect.

Question : I already touched on that matter. The point is that with commercial sex, one must always show emotion. How do you do that?

Leathermaster : I have feelings, and every strong ones. For that reason, since I'm just human, I take very good care of my guest and I devote as much time as possible. With me there are no time constraints. My customers often spend more hours with me and I give it my all in every session to please him. And personal conversations often lead to sincere companionships. I also don't have a problem with a client's age, the older clients receive the same devotion, and I'm also fascinated by the experiences from older people. I haven't yet encountered any problems.

Question : Sometimes you realize that a client is not your type or you don't get along with him, despite that, can you still offer what he wants? Or do you seek out clients through personal experiences or clues about them?

Leathermaster : There usually aren't any problems, since I clear up the critical points from the first phone conversation. In these conversations, I try to make my impression of the person's nature. And when someone doesn't seem right to me, I will take the liberty to say "no" for once. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't have the good reputation.

Question : Often conversations are more important than sex. How is that with the guys who come from the Leather and S&M community? I can well believe that there is a certain amount of unusual desires. Or do they also talk about their problems? How do you go about resolving such conversations?

Leathermaster : The conversations are very important for me, at first so that the people can get to know me. But most conversations are about other things such as work, occupation, business or their family. Only rarely will real problems be discussed. Frustration in a friendship, longing, love, and so on…there are no differences regardless of which sexual preferences the guest have. It's all the same.

Question : What is the general opinion of the people that come to you? How would you adjust yourself in relation to occupational groups or age groups or do you prefer to be spontaneous?

Leathermaster : Generally I can simply say that my clients that come to me are between 30 and 50 years old, that is already a very logical categorization. I have older guests, but only a few. Due to my rates, I only have clients that can afford to spend a little more money. They are people who are successful in their occupations or otherwise have an above average income. There aren't too many laborers, blue collar workers or craftsmen. But naturally, I don't know exactly what clients' financial situations are. There I have to rely on conjecture.

Question : I am still very curious. You have already experienced quite a bit. I would like to ask you: Until now, what were your best and worst or most uncomfortable experiences? Did something happen spontaneously?

Leathermaster : Absolutely. For me, it's always having incredible sex, every new encounter and situation fascinates me, since I couldn't live without sex. It's always fun. I haven't yet had any negative experiences, since I'm very careful by nature and I do somewhat prescreen my clients. But if it were to happen, I wouldn't shit in my pants right away, but meet the situation head-on and take control of it and I have until now mastered all situations.

Question :here comes my last question. Why did you decide to become a callboy? Did your S&M tendencies have something to do with it? How did it develop with you?

Leathermaster : I already had an inclination toward S&M when I was younger. It was already very pronounced with me early on. But above all, sex has always fascinated me a lot. I was always strongly driven by my sexual curiosity, so I finally came upon the idea to do this job. I have no regrets, even to this day. In no way, really. My only hope is that this interview was informative for the readers and that it contributes toward diminishing current prejudices.